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I'm here to complain about the martial arts studio in Nashua; Tokyo Joes. My husband and I brought my 3 year old son here because he wanted to learn karate. We were paying $132 a month. Doesn't sound like much, but given the fact that my son was learning very little and being priced that much was rediculous. Within a whole month, my son only had 6 hours of martial arts. Half an hour a day for only 3 days. Tuesday and Thursday were the normal days and Saturday was optional. And then for about a whole week went by that my son didnt get to go to his classes because they were on vacation.

Another issue we had was that the "Grandmaster" (the head honcho) told us before signing our son into his classes that he, himself, was going to be teaching the Little Panthers and Dragons(ages 3-6) because he supposidly had more patience and just works well with children. For the first couple days he was teaching my son's classes. After the 3rd day, some teenage girl was teaching the classes. He was doing nothing but sitting in the office9there's a window that looks out from his office into the room for the little kids) and I could see him perfectly sitting on his @$$ talking nonsense.

We have also found out the the other parents were only paying $80 a month for their child who isthe same age range as my son.

We stopped taking my son to these classes and now we're being harrassed by the Educational Funding Company because we supposidly owe the studio $145. We took him out before they started billing us again, so we shouldn't owe them a dime.

All-in-all I wouldn't recommened bringing your child here. Not in Nashua nor in Milford. It's owned by the same man. Your child isn't learning as much as you're paying. There's other martial arts studios out there that you pay a lesser amount and get more for your money. And they're traditional martial arts like GoJu Ryu that teaches you all of the traditions, unlike Tokyo Joes that teaches you mixed martial arts in which some of the moves they teach you doesn't even make much sense(comming from a wife who's married to a martial artist).

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Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #1236587

I got to say Tokyo Joes of Nashua is awesome I been going there for 4-5 years and getting my next black belt tomorrow


Ma'am, if you cant tell the fifference between mma (mixed martial arts) and kempo karate, youre a bigger *** than your *** poor review demonstrates. Ive been involved with a couple TJSOSD schools and they are great places to learn a good art.

Derry, New Hampshire, United States #680012

I've heard bad things about Tokyo Joes from many black belts. Must be for a reason.


Our son goes to the Milford dojo (2 years) and we are extremely pleased.What efforts did you make to have your concerns addressed ?

We have found them to be reasonable and easy to communicate with....I would consider this complaint to be uncharacteristic and NOT representative of the Tokyo Joes we are familiar with.I cannot speak to Nashua but find it sophomoric to include Milford in your complaint.


I've heard some of the satillite schools, specifically Salisbury and Concord, are actually reputable schools. Shame about Nashua though...

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